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Her Sailor Fuku is pure gold more resembling armour than a dress with a gold head dress, similar to a Russian kokoshnik, and the brooch containing the Sapphire Crystal sits in the middle of her chest. Her hair has been rolled back to fit into the headress, overall resembling a crown. She wears orange lipstick and light purple eyeshadow. She holds the ultimate force of destruction in the Sailor Moon universe, the Sapphire Crystal , which makes her easily the strongest Sailor Guardian in the galaxy and universe other than Sailor Moon.

She is an arrogant Sailor Guardian who desires to have the strongest star as her planet, and because of that, she caused galactic and possibly universal chaos as she stole the Sailor Crystals of fellow senshi in order to make herself stronger. She deemed her world not good enough and so started on a quest to find a place she deemed worthy. While wandering the universe in search of purpose, she became aware of the existence of a place where all the stars were born. Her beginning objective was to find more power, and to do so, she collected all the Sailor Crystals she could find.

She formed her base of operations at the Galaxy Cauldron , the birthplace of the stars, and built an empire that she called Shadow Galactica , with her power centered at her castle, Galaxia Palace. As she sought out Sailor Crystals, she gained followers along the way to whom she promised power in return for their service and death to all who refused to join her. Some of those followers killed the Sailor Guardians of their home planets and stole their Sailor Crystals under Galaxia's order, and in turn they used that power to became the Sailor Animamates.

Galaxia knew, however, that Chaos was only helping her in order to have her do its dirty work. Galaxia came to the Solar System and captured the Sailor Crystals of the Solar System Sailor Guardiansi, effectively killing them, while also finding other ways to torment Sailor Moon whom she believed was the reason war and evil existed, and thus why in her mind Sailor Moon, Chaos and the Crystal needed to be destroyed. She then recreated the Sailor Guardians' bodies, as well as that of Prince Endymion as Tuxedo Mask , as her vessels and ordered them to fight Sailor Moon to cause her pain.

If Sailor Moon were to succumb to anger and despair, Chaos could take control of her; their two opposing powers would cause both beings to self-destruct, leaving Sailor Galaxia as the strongest Sailor Guardian. To this end, she threw the Solar System Sailor Guardians' Sailor Crystals into the Galaxy Cauldron , melting them into nothingness, and made Prince Endymion as Tuxedo Mask kiss her boots before she threw him in as well.

His death effectively caused the disappearance of Sailor Chibi Moon , who had arrived from the future to aid her mother. Sailor Moon's grief infused Chaos with power, but Chaos used that power not to strike Sailor Moon down, but against Galaxia herself, hurling her over the precipice toward the Cauldron. Sailor Moon saved Galaxia and protected her from Chaos' darkness with her own shining light, and when faced with Sailor Moon's purity, hope and love, Galaxia lost her will to fight.

Her bracelets then shattered, killing her, her final thoughts being that Sailor Moon is the universe's brightest star, whose power was never hers to have and that she finally learned what it meant to be gifted with her own Sailor Crystal.. She leaves and returns to space, intent on returning the stolen starseeds.

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Her musical story is similar to both the manga and anime adaptation. As in the manga, the final showdown with Galaxia often occurs in the Galaxy Cauldron. Galaxia generally employs fewer Animamates in the musicals than in either the manga or anime, but several times she resurrects villains from past arcs.

Depending on the musical's story, Galaxia is either the final or penultimate enemy the Sailor Guardians must defeat. In Eien Densetsu , Galaxia is successfully purged of evil and sacrifices herself to help the Guardians destroy Chaos, who had been posing as a low-ranking minion.

Twice In A Lifetime

In another version of the ending, Queen Beryl will become Queen Metalia and fight alongside Galaxia, who will herself become Sailor Chaos after being completely possessed by Chaos, forcing the Guardians to defeat them both. In the anime series, her voice actress is Mitsuko Horie. Matsumoto stated that she greatly enjoyed the role: "ordering people around and being above others is such a great feeling".

Chaos appears as an enormous mass of black fourth-dimensional space. It is revealed that Chaos was a being who failed to become a star, and that it merged itself with the Galaxy Cauldron, so destroying Chaos would result in the destruction of the Cauldron as well. In the end, with the help of all of the Guardians, Sailor Moon is able to force it into the Cauldron and everyone who was killed is sent back, each to their planet and time of origin, reincarnated after the battle.

However it is indicated that Chaos is not dead and will come back as Sailor Chaos much the same as it did in Sailor Cosmos 's future. In the anime adaptation, Galaxia reveals herself as the guardian who sealed Chaos within her own body and thus saved the galaxy.

She holds the golden bracelets created for her by Chaos which grants her eternal life and the power to extract starseeds. She also gives each Sailor Animamate a pair to wear.

Shadow Galactica

Chaos corrupts Galaxia, so that Galaxia can fight the Light of Hope, which is Galaxia's own star seed. However, Sailor Moon is able to reach the small bit of hope left in Galaxia's own heart, and she releases Chaos from her body. Chaos leaves Galaxia to inhabit the hearts of all people, which was stated to be its original residence.

He functions as comic relief and is apparently very weak.

South From Alaska

Later on in the musical, he makes a deal to assist Sailor Moon, taking her and the Starlights to the Galaxy Cauldron and promising to save a Sailor Guardian from death he saves Sailor Mercury. However, after Galaxia's defeat, Kyaosu reveals himself to be Chaos. With his power sealed inside Galaxia, he was forced to inhabit a weak physical shell. After Moon purged his energy from Galaxia, however, he regains his full strength and once more threatens to destroy the galaxy.

Big Storm - fighting for Tavarua (The Sailing Family) Ep.29

He is defeated when all the Guardians, including a revived Galaxia, combine their powers. Ryuuji Kasahara played the role of Chaos. Sailor Chaos never actually appears as a living character in the Stars manga, which displays a vague image only once — as a flash-forward — when mentioning her.

They bear names prefixed by the title "Sailor" followed by the name of a chemical element usually a metal or an alloy and the name of an animal. Despite the titles, none of them is a true Sailor Guardian but merely normal living-beings who gave up their own star-seeds to Galaxia to become one — each of them murdered the Guardian of their home planet in order to win Galaxia's favor.

Two more Guardians are implied by the mention of devastated planets called Mermaid and Cocoon, home planets of Aluminum Seiren and Heavy Metal Papillon respectively. The Animamates disguise themselves as employees of Tokyo's primary television station, Galaxy TV, to get closer to their victims.

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  • Under Galaxia's command, they search for true star-seeds whose shines can survive exposure to the outside world. Each of them were given a pair of Galaxia's golden bracelets that grants them the power to become a Sailor Guardian, extract starseeds and even turn their victims into Phage. They gave up their own Sailor Crystals to Galaxia to possess them, therefore taking the bracelets out would instantly kill them.

    Eternal Sailor Moon matches them at every turn: she alone has the power to heal Phage and restore star seeds to innocents. They can warp from place to place using a black phone booth. True to her name of mouse, Iron Mouse is very short, at least a foot shorter than all her targets Takeuchi's notes in the manga state that she is Chibiusa's height, but she is not quite that short in the anime.

    She is the first one killed by Sailor Star Healer. She exhibits a personality both childlike and intense; she usually chooses famous or impressive people as her victims, seems to enjoy her work, and is openly fearful of Galaxia. In the anime series, her voice actress is Eriko Hara in Japanese.

    Twice In A Lifetime

    In English, she is voiced by Katie Leigh. The Greek word Seiren in her name means the same as the English Siren and often appears romanized as such. According to the Materials Collection , she sings and writes ballads as a hobby. In the anime adaptation, Aluminum Seiren makes her first appearance in episode She eventually discovers Sailor Moon's identity and nearly succeeds in killing her, but the Guardian Soldiers and the Sailor Starlights stopped her. Despite learning their identities, as well as finding a strong star seed, Aluminum Seiren is killed by Galaxia for failing to kill Sailor Moon.

    The Tokyopop manga translated her name as Red Crow. According to the Materials Collection , besides using Galactica Tornado , Lead Crow can also manipulate rot, and is known for being a sadist. In its anime adaptation, Lead Crow first appears as a partner of Aluminum Seiren. She is said to be the leader of the Animamates, and calls her partner her "greatest rival"; however, she harbors great concern for her fellow Animamate, and when Aluminum Seiren is killed, tries to carry on the same work.

    Despite having a bad temper, Lead Crow is very intelligent and is a skilled fighter, often attacking her enemies with a whip. Lead Crow appeared in a few of the musicals, including "Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu" and its revision.

    Like the rest of the Animamates, she poses as a member of a dancing troupe known as the Dancing Animamates. She acts as choreographer for the group. In the anime, Lead Crow is voiced by Chiharu Suzuka. In the English dub, she is voiced by Andi Rich. Her pseudonym in the English manga is Kitty Bell.

    She has a cold personality, willing to kill anyone who is in her way. Diana arrives and tries to protect them, but Tin Nyanko's Galactica Puppet attack transforms all three into their humanoid selves, then injures the crescent moon markings on their foreheads and turns them into ordinary and badly injured cats. Sailor Star Fighter attacks her, and although she escapes unharmed, she is killed by Galaxia. Luna and Artemis call Sailor Mau their planet's only hero her planet's name comes from a real species of cat called the Egyptian Mau.

    According to the Materials Collection , Tin Nyanko also has the ability to manipulate scents and supposedly has nine lives. She is partly responsible for both their deaths, and in the process learns Sailor Moon's identity. During their confrontation, Usagi attempts to heal her with her attack, and succeeds only in knocking off one of her bracelets. This allows Nyanko's true personality to partially reveal itself.

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    However, she is torn between her duty to kill the Sailor Guardians and a new urge to rebel against her master. And, finally! We have our first deer in the freezer. And I got to reprise my favorite butchering photo. This wild food is such a part of our identity as Alaskans. Why the heck else are we living here?