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Go to the single-text view Text added to the website: Last modified: Line count: 16 Word count: E' un suono di flauti e violini, trombe squillano insieme; danza nel girotondo nuziale lei, l'amore mio. Sento risuonare la canzone che un giorno lei cantava, mi sento lacerare il petto per il peso selvaggio del dolore.

Es ist eine alte Geschichte, Doch bleibt sie immer neu; Und wem sie [just] 3 passieret, Dem bricht das Herz entzwei.

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La fanciulla prende per dispetto il primo brav'uomo che incontra per la strada; il giovanotto se ne accora. E' una storia vecchia, ma resta sempre nuova; e a chi vive questa storia, si spezza il cuore in due.

Am leuchtenden [Sommermorgen] 1 Geh' ich im Garten herum. Schumann follows Heine's original version: "Ich aber wandle stumm". Una luminosa mattina d'estate vado in giro nel giardino. Mormorano e parlano i fiori, ma io passeggio in silenzio. Mormorano e parlano i fiori, e mi guardano pieosi: non essere cattivo con nostra sorella, tu uomo triste e pallido.

Ich wachte auf, und ich weinte Noch lange bitterlich. Ho pianto in sogno. Sognavo che tu giacevi nella tomba. Sognavo che tu mi lasciavi. Mi svegliai, e piansi ancora amaramente.

En Suenos Te Amare: (I Will Love You In Dreams) (Spanish Edition)

Sognavo che tu mi amavi ancora. Mi svegliai, e ancora sempre scorre il fiume della mie lacrime.

Tutte le notti in sogno ti vedo, e ti vedo salutare amica, e piangendo forte io mi prostro dolcemente ai tuoi piedi. Tu mi guardi malinconica e scuoti la testina bionda; dai tuoi occhi scivolano gocce di perle. Tu mi dici in segreto una parola sommessa e mi offri un mazzo di rami di cipresso.

Note: this is the original version. Later editions had many changes. To The ATL. That Cigarette. Molto allegro con fuoco. Ne Projicias. Of Youth. A csaszari udvar bevonulasa Entrance of the Emperor and his Court. Busy Signal. Paula B.

En sueños te amaré (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

In the Hall of the Mountain King. Wake Up! Album Version. Anton X. Sellack Album Version. Martin Bettinghaus - Radio Mix. In Complete Darkness. Internationally Kargo, with Mirkelam, certainly has an appeal not only due to the fact that the rock-sounds are familiar for foreign ears. That said the album is obviously made to pull off a big rockshow.

With an adult timeframe to make an album. In all. And why not? A name they confirmed with tour and a professional show around European countries. But back to the album.

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It is a vision of a World in termoil but the band also sees a light at the end of the tunnel. And please also not to take everything to serious.

The reputation of Spanish band Lo nuncha dicha has taken a flight in their homecountry since the band debuted with a mini-album in on the small Flor y Nata Records. Much of their success can possibly be based on their frantic tour schedule the band performed almost everywhere in Spain and that they offered their album for free on their MySpace page. What to expect from Angel Alvarez and his gang? Lo Nuncha Dicho obviously is very influenced by the standard Anglo-American rock.

Punky, uptempo but standard. With a production that sounds like they hit the studio and recorded it all in one take. It is there when the band kicks back gear for the more midtempo songs. Angel has a nice rock-voice and the band plays sufficiently so the talent is there.

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Now they have to work on their character. Want to listen yourself? The band offers the album as a free download. One of the absolute highlights of the album is 'Romance De Juan Osuna', were thundering guitars, with the distorsion pedal doing overtime again, collide with the almost nightmarish drugfueled but poetic lyrics by Quintero.

Now, to dub Los Planetas eighth album as such might be a bit over the top. Therefore the influences from British indie rock and nineties shoegazing are a bit to obvious. The album is constructed around the compositions of famous composer and producer Stefanos Korkolis and renowned lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Protopsalti has worked with both of them before. And since Nikolakopoulou is one of the most popular lyricist in Greece interpreted by Alexiou, Galani and many others , it is only natural that Protopsalti already sang many songs with her lyrics.

The Brunellesci Baby by Daphne Clair

Protopsalti has a really terrific voice, powerful yet very tender en vulnerable. But since she does not compose her own material, the quality of her albums highly depends on the people she works with. This results in a somewhat precarious oeuvre. The singing is great, as usual. Some of the songs are quite good, but definitely not all of them. The production is very transparent and modest compared to some of her other albums. Many of the songs deal with the eternal theme of love and relationships and the ending of them….

Elsa Rovayo, singer and driving force behind Madrilean band La Shica, has dedicated her life to flamenco. She did so after she saw legendary actress and singer Marisol Flores and she decided this is what she wanted to do. Emily Eyefinger by Duncan Ball. Booze by Bernt Danielsson. Extraordinary Eyes by Sandra Sinclair.