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Who knows them, their earlier or present address of relations or publications about them?? This story is high interesting. If YES this would be a sensation because the so far wellknown first motorcycle-tour overland from Europe to India was made from Austrian Max Reisch in ! Dieser hat sich am Interessant ist, das Walter schon seit unterwegs war. Was hat er alles bereist, vor seinen Tod im Iran? Man wird es nie mehr raus bekommen. Delphin Verlag. Die Citroen-Expedition. Ankunft in Berlin HD Archives foto collection.

ISBN: Later she married and her name was "Hanni von Skal". Max Rischka Ryschka Geb. Keine Nachfahren bekannt. In Berlin on the "Avus-track", they were very welcomed by a lot of people.

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Publication : Heft Sehr gut! Hat Frank wohl noch! Ausgabe vom Sohn Michael Skal in einem email an B. Wo dieses nach ihrem Tod gebleiben is, ist unbekannt in Dessen Nachfahren sind unbekannt. Der Sturz des Engl. Dort war der Wert nur noch RM unterwegs! Dalbandin - vor Mirjawa liegt die Grenze zwischen Persien und Belutschistan.

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Hanni hatte die letzten km Fieber. Max wurde Angst und Bange. Hanni war die erste Frau, die den Berg bestieg. Und schwor, dass es ihre erste und letzet Bergbesteigung war. Sie hatten das Winken eines Polizisten nicht gesehen. Danach war die Karte wieder braucn: Berge, Flussdurchfahrten, ausgefahrene Chauseen. Und ein halbfingerlanger Hufnagel.

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Schnelle Abfertigung an der persichen Grenze. Und eine dicke Rechnung. Das bedeutete Impfung an der Grenze und acht Tage Aufenthalt.

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Nikator Gedrosien v. Jahrhundert die islamische Eroberung Makrans. Ab dem Jahrhundert wanderten die Belutschen ein. Bis vor wenigen tausend Jahren teilten die modernen Menschen dabei ihren Lebensraum mit weiteren Arten aus der Gattung Homo , in Europa etwa mit den Neandertalern. Die Menschen benutzten sicher zuerst alle Dinge aus der Natur als Nahrung.

Garen von Speisen. Die Altsteinzeit endet mit mit der Entstehung der Landwirtschaft als Jungsteinzeit.

Organisation: Do you know if she has written a book? I got an e-mail from Bernd T. Looking through an old periodical "Svensk Motorsport" nr 11 from , on page found a noting. We think to remember that she got an award. Hanni, who is immensly popular in Germany has resently completed a very attentioned longdistance journey. She started from Ceylon, drove through India, Beluschistan, Persia, Irak, Syria and the Balkans back to Berlin and the Avus-track, where she was welcomed by a lot of people.

Her partner was the photographer Ryschka, who experienced Photograph in Wilhelmsdorf, Bemerkungen zur Betrachtung He kindly informed me about Hannis birthday! I do not know the dates of their deaths, however Ottokar Skal published at least one book after arriving in the US: "Jagdparadies Alaska" Email from his daughter Miriam Friedman Morris: I found your website while searching for the archive of Hanni Koehler.

My father David Friedmann portrayed her in Berlin in I found her portrait published in the Berliner Zeitung am Mittag. I am hoping that the original portrait might be in her estate. Please send the email address of Michael Skal. If he doesn't know of the portrait, I will gladly send him and you a copy. I will check my notes about the resource, but I believe they both have the BZ am Mittag issue dated: Mar.

One place has microfiche, the other the orginal newspapers of this issue. Probably you would learn everything you need to know from researching the newspapers about Hanni's trip from Asia to Germany. All you need is the date and time for the research in Berlin.

Der Süden Albaniens

First Woman riding overland Asia - Europe at all. First Motorcycle riding Asia - Europe with a sidecar. The years Belgium Justine rode solo Arriving there she told that she had no idea of the mechanic of the motorcycle. She just trusted it. Route : Exactly unknown so far.

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For sure via Burma - India. Asia Vietnam Saigon-Phon-Pengh she suffered here from a severe fall and had to stop for 10 days - Cambodia Angkor - Thailand Bangkok - Singapore by , where she took on board via ship for Calcutta. Indeed she could not cross the Burmese mountains, as there were no roads. She was driving to Srinnagar and waited there more than a month until 26 June Crossing Cashmere Kashmir and Baloutchistan Baluchistan was particularly dangerous.

She had to buy a sidecar to carry water and fuel, so that she could reach Quetta.

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The city had just been destroyed in an earthquake. Once in Douzhab Persia tiredness, heat and non-drinkable water had the better of her. She was cured by a native Persian doctor and then went on with her trip. She drove 1, km from Douzhab to Mashhad, where there was nothing but desert and two or three small villages.

From Mashhad to Teheran 1, more km, where the landscape offered the same picture. First Woman riding solo overland Asia - Europe at all. First Motorcycle riding Asia - Europe with a solo bike. WHO knows more, may be addresses of her relations and the original publication? Er will mir diese schicken.. Deze jongedame, dochter van een drukker van ansichtkaarten uit Arlon, verscheept haar eencilinder cc FN naar Indochina en start in maart in de stad Saigon aan haar eenzame tocht huiswaarts.

Onversaagd rijdt de dappere juffer via Birma en India naar het westen en begin kunnen de ouders haar weer in de armen drukken. Ook na de Tweede Wereldoorlog blijven de Belgen graag op de motorfiets 'le vast monde' ontdekken. Actief is vooral FN. In stuurt de fabriek zeven paratroopers eropuit om op cc machines van Brussel naar het militaire vliegveld Kamina in Belgisch-Kongo te crossen.

De kornuiten hebben daarvoor 67 dagen nodig. Zeven jaar later wordt een cc eenpitter, die een kilo zware aanhanger meezeult, kriskras door Afrika gestuurd om Justine Tibesar rides motorcycle from Vietnam to Belgium! This article in French was donated by Mr. Ron Fellowes. Ron plans to ride in his Fabrique Nationale FN motorcycle from Australia back to the factory in Herstal, Belgium to celebrate its th birthday. When F. Miss Justine Tibesar welcomed by leaders of the department of FN motorcycles after her return from Saigon.

The feat performed by a lady of Arlon Belgium , Justine Tibesar, deserves some attention here for a few minutes. On 10 March she came up with the idea to reach Belgium by road.

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  • She thus bought a cm3 Touring Standard motorcycle. The numbers for the frame and for the engine were written on it. Justine did not know how to ride a motorcycle. This is why she decided, on March 13th, to take her driving test and, on March 16th she started her trip. However, once in Phon-Pengh Vietnam she suffered from a severe fall and had to stop for 10 days.

    Able to travel again she rode to Angkor Cambodia. She reached Singapore by Bangkok, where she took on board via ship for Calcutta.