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Kuster, die private Residenz war 57 Bluff. Datum unbekannt, er wechselte aber nochmals seine Arbeitsstelle.

Die Kaufners hatten 4 Kinder, alle in Yokohama geboren. In he married Auguste Ida nee Kuster, privately they resided in 57 Bluff. Date unknown, but he changed once more and was working for the Zellerbach Company when the earthquake occurred in He was laid off and followed his wife and his children to San Francisco. They had left Japan already in Er war bei der Yebisu Brewing Co. Heckert ab. Mitglieder des Club Germania erhielten zu Veranstaltungen schriftliche Einladungen. He was employed with the Yebisu Brewing Co. Members of the Club Germania received written invitations to events.

With this reply card posted December 13, he confirmed his and his wife's participation on the ball. Er blieb erfolglos und kam etwa oder vollkommen mittellos nach San Francisco. Sein Vertrag begann am Auch hier hatte er Pech, die Firma brannte erneut aus ohne versichert zu sein.

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Keil war einer der bedeutendsten Freimaurer der Yokohama Gemeinde und vielleicht sogar der bedeutendste in Japan. Auch war er Mitglied des Club Germania.

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Er hatte diese Position bis zu seinem Tod. The Japan Advertiser vom Er wurde zum deutschen Krankenhaus im Bluff zur medizinischen Versorgung gebracht, aber kurz darauf verstarb er. Er erholte sich, seit dieser Zeit litt er aber unter Depressionen und an einem schweren Nierenleiden. But that profession did not please him, so he quitted it for the study of music. At that time of his life an aunt left him a considerable fortune, and he began to spend it by travelling over the world, till he finally settled in Southern California.

Anzeiger des Germanischen Nationalmuseums

He was naturalized in the USA and started to dig for gold but there he was unfortunate and in about or he went to San Francisco without a penny of his money left. In he left the USA and travelled to Japan. His contract started on October 21, and ended on July 20, but was finally extended until February 15, In he settled in Yokohama, started teaching music and at the same time established a company in partnership with W. In the company burnt out, W.

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Crane left the firm and O. Here again he was unfortunate, being burnt out another time without having been insured. In he sold his company to J. He succeeded George Kay Dinsdale in the position of secretary to the Yokohama General Chamber of Commerce in , an appointment which he had kept until Keil was one of the foremost Masonic workers of the Yokohama community and most probably the highest Mason in Japan. He was also a member of the Club Germania. He held this position until his death. In , Siemens concluded with him a contract for the commercial support of the Siemens Yokohama branch, but it was released again in The reason for such a short contract period is surely caused by his diagnosed depressions which became only known with the inquest of his death.

The Japan Advertiser of Febr. Keil proceeded to the Phoenix Saw Mills and had some conversation with J. Day , the manager of the Saw Mills, and Frank Upton who was just visiting this company, too. Keil left them and on searching him later they discovered O. Keil lying in the shed in a pool of blood with a revolver close to his right hand.

He was still breathing, though unconscious, was brought to the German Hospital on the Bluff to receive medical aid, but he died short after. At the inquest into the death of Mr. James Stuart Eldridge , he deposed that four years ago Mr. Keil was temporarily insane, and he had him removed to the hospital on that account.

He recovered, but since that time he suffered from depressions and a severe renal failure. He was a bachelor and left no children. Keil aus Tokyo vom Keil vermutlich sein Bruder in Halle.

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Keil, posted Tokyo on February 8, to P. Keil presumably his brother in Halle.

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Danach wurde er Assistent am tierphysiologischen Institut der Landwirtschaftsakademie in Proskau, Schlesien. Emil Wolff. Kellner heiratete in Japan eine Japanerin. Diese Heirat und seine vielseitigen, erfolgreichen Arbeiten brachten ihm hohe Anerkennung in Japan. Beide Karten wurden in Tokyo nach DE aufgegeben. Absender ist O. Two Cards are figured of front and reverse , both posted in Tokyo to DE. The sender was O. Kellner as secretary of the OAG. Shortly after the war he finished school and went to the Universities of Breslau now Wroclaw and Leipzig to study basic sciences, especially chemistry.

In he got his Ph.

As a young doctor Kellner became an assistant at the animal physiological institute of the Agricultural Academy of Proskau Silesia. His versatility in plant and animal physiological research with comprehensive experimental activity and his lecture activities caused a high publicity. In he was called to the Imperial University of Tokyo by the Japanese government, Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, as a professor of agricultural chemistry taking up his post on His contracts run from Besides teaching he very soon got important problems to work on, such as investigations on Japanese soil and the fertilization of rice as well as growth and nutrition of the silkworm.

In Japan he married a Japanese woman, and this fact, together with his successful work, without doubt increased the country's appreciation of him. He dismissed his contract before expiration and returned to Germany at the end of He became director of the Agricultural Experimental Station at Moeckern nr.

Leipzig on Walsh gelistet; ab publizierten sie die Hyogo News mit C. Walsh als Redakteur. Ltd in Hong Kong verkauft. Some of the very popular writings of William George Aston and Basil Hall Chamberlain were published and distributed by this firm.

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Walsh; as of they also published the Hyogo News with C. Walsh as editor. They became the largest foreign books importer after Maruzen so it is assumed that most of the foreigners had been customers of this firm to buy books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Es ist nicht bekannt, wann und wo er Thomas S. Kenderdine kennenlernte, der in Manchester geboren wurde. Kenderdine der erste Offizier. Wir wissen auch nicht, ob er weiterhin unter John Cain , der in Saigon starb, arbeitete und was er danach machte.

Kenderdine wieder in japanischen Quellen auf. Privat wohnte sie in Yokohama , dann in 76 und Bluff. Sie heiratete ein zweites Mal, George John Blundell , und starb am Thomas S. Bataillons, Lancashire Fusiliere; er starb am Sie heiratete Edwin Milne und sie hatten drei Kinder. Sie heiratete Andrew Speeden und sie hatte drei Kinder. Er war der Halbbruder von George Goodwill Kenderdine. It is not known when and where he got aquainted with Thomas S. Kenderdine, who was born in Manchester in Their first common journey is recorded in , when the ship spent some months on the Japanese coast under charter.