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They include court and police records, records about the exiles, Victorian hulk records. Some of the records have also been digitised. Use their online guide to find the convict records for Port Phillip. But it wasn't until that Van Diemen's Land became known as Tasmaina.

The Tasmanian papers are held at the Mitchell Library. These are a collection of government records for Tasmania relating to convicts. There is not an overall index to the Tasmanian papers but there is a guide to the contents of the papers.

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It lists the contents by microfilm reel, not by name or subject. View our most recent social media posts View a list of all our accounts. Search this Guide Search. Tags: colonial convicts , colony , convict research , convicts , family history. Moreton Bay Queensland.

An address to the inhabitants of the colonies established in New South Wales and Norfolk Island

Search a complete list of convicts who were serving time in Moreton Bay in to see if your convict is listed. Find references from records about people who lived in the Moreton Bay region before the separation from NSW in Use the details found in the index to locate the original records at Queensland State Archives. You can find their age, county, the date and place of their trial, sentence, the name of the ship and sometimes their crime. Norfolk Island.

See if your convict was mentioned in the Norfolk Island papers, accounts or correspondence.

First Australian penal colony established

You may also find records in the victualling and 'slop' clothing books, lists of persons on and off stores that is, whether they received rations from the government or not , and an annual return of settlers and convicts in the papers for Find information about convicts on Norfolk Island during early settlement, Use the Norfolk Island Victualling Book see page to search through the records about food and clothing rations issued on the island in All children are included. The reference number does not relate to further information.

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It is a link between the index and appendixes. Search the muster of all the inhabitants of Norfolk Island, including children and military, in see page You can find if their sentence had expired, their occupation, if they were on or off store that is, whether they received rations from the government or not as well as other details. The reference number only relates to the entries in the index - does not link to further information.

You can find where they lived, their status convict, settler , the date of their trial, the name of the ship and sometimes the town or court where their trial was held, their sentence as well as other details. You can also find where they were tried, the name of their master and the district they were assigned.

Find the name of the ship your convict was transported on as well as the date of departure and arrival in the victualling lists for , , and in the census. In some cases, the spouse and children are listed. Search for your convict to find the name of the ship they arrived on and sometimes the name of their spouse and children. Updated edition.

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Use to find lists of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th embarkations for the Derwent and the 1st and 2nd embarkations to Port Dalrymple. Contact the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office about viewing the original record. Search for your ancestor in the list of people who received food rations from the Commissariat. You can find the date of entry to Norfolk Island and where they came from, the name of the ship, their status or rank, the number of days victualled each year, whether they were discharged or had died and the date of discharge or death. Port Phillip Victoria. Check the appendixes to see if your convict lived in the Port Phillip district.

You can find details such as their date of birth, the court where the trial was held, the sentence date, the name of the ship, the release conditions, their calling and the muster district. In the Supreme Court records you can find their crime, the finding, term, the name of the judge as well as other details.

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Van Diemen's Land Tasmania. Search for your convict using their name or alias to find their age, the name of the ship and year of arrival. Use the reference number in the index to locate copies of the original records in the Mitchell Library.